RRR2025 - Renewable Resources from Wet and Rewetted Peatlands

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The Greifswald Mire Centre warmly invites you to join the 4th international conference on the Utilisation of Wetland Plants "Renewable Resources from Wet and Rewetted Peatlands: Bridging Science and Practice."
Taking place in Greifswald from September 23rd to 26th, 2025, this conference will unite experts from diverse disciplines to share insights and address pressing questions within the field of paludiculture.

The utilisation of wetland biomass has a rich historical background and has experienced a resurgence in response to global research efforts focused on renewable resources amidst the climate crisis.  In 2024 "paludiculture" marked its 25th anniversary since being called into life, with significant advancements made in practical knowledge regarding rewetting, cultivation, processing, marketing, and policy development and awareness-building. This conference aims to unite stakeholders involved in the utilisation of wetland plants on rewetted peatlands, welcoming scientists, landowners and users, practitioners, administrators, business, artists, designers and policymakers. By fostering cross-sector networks, sharing experiences and knowledge, we seek to bridge the gap between science and practice and together shape the future of paludiculture.

Through a diverse program including lectures, poster presentations, excursions, and a range of side events, we endeavour to facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration. Stay tuned for further details, including abstract submission and registration information, which will be available shortly on our website. We look forward to your participation!

Host institution

The Universtiy of Greifswald, the Succow Foundation and DUENE e.V. are partners in the Greifswald Mire Centre which unites some 70 peatland experts in one place. The Greifswald Mire Centre is the interface between science, policy and practice in all peatland related questions – locally and globally, and offers science-based solutions for social challenges related to peatlands such as climate protection, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. www.greifswaldmoor.de