REPEAT - REstoration and prognosis of PEAT formation lines

Team members

University of Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Wiktor Kotowski

Project Coordinator
Leader work packages 1 & 7


Dr. Ewa Jabłońska

Bryophyte production and decomposition


Dr. Łukasz Kozub

Above-ground vegetation dynamics


Dr Eugeniusz Pronin

Peat decomposition and decomposibility


Guixiang Li

Peat decomposition and decomposibility


Izabela Jaszczuk

Bryophyte production and decomposition


Mateusz Wilk



Jakub Zaremba



University of Greifswald, Germany

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kreyling

Leader work package 5

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kreyling  

Dr. Franziska Tanneberger

Leader work package 8

Dr. Franziska Tanneberger  

Dr. Elke Seeber

Below-ground production and decomposition


Prof. Dr. Hans Joosten

Leader work package 3

Prof. Dr. Hans Joosten  

Dr. Dierk Michaelis

Subrecent peat formation



University of Antwerp, Belgium

Prof. Dr. Erik Verbruggen

Leader work package 4


Dr. Willem-Jan Emsens



Prof. Dr. Ruud von Diggelen

Leader work package 2


Camiel Aggenbach

State variables


Dr. Agata Klimkowska

Soil microbial communities


Yvonne Liczner

Microbial analyses


Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway

Dr. Bente Føreid

Leader work package 6


Dr. Hanna Silvennoinen

Greenhouse gas production potentials and microbial regulation


Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Romania

Dr. Jenică Hanganu

Researcher in charge for Romania


Charles University, Czech Republic (Subcontractor)

Prof. Dr. Jan Frouz

Soil mesofauna


Wetlands International – European Association (Subcontractor)

Cy Griffin

Outreach and policy advise


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