Peatland protection strategy

09.11.2022 The Federal Government has adopted the Peatland Protection Strategy. The Succow Foundation is very pleased about this. In order for the strategy to be effective, we would like to focus on a few more details.

Germany has a peatland protection strategy - and it is supported by the entire federal government! With today's cabinet decision, the federal government is implementing one of its announcements in the coalition agreement. Although the new strategy differs only in nuances from the paper already adopted by the Federal Ministry for the Environment in 2021, it now commits the entire government with all departments to give greater consideration to peatlands in political decision-making. This clear commitment to implement peatland protection not as a niche task but as a mainstream in all business areas of the federal government, in procurement and on federally owned land as a model is very welcome by the Succow Foundation, partner in the Greifswald Moor Centrum. In addition, the Natural Climate Protection Action Programme, which was already adopted in the summer, finally provides an appropriately equipped framework for implementation. However, in order to achieve the great peatland transformation as a process involving society as a whole, it is important to reduce bureaucracy and speed up planning and approval procedures. In addition to adjustments in planning law, this also requires additional capacities at all levels, which can only be built up in the medium term through educational offers at schools, universities and training centres. The Succow Foundation is already supporting this process with the MoKKa project. Our comments on the peatland protection strategy in detail can be found in today's media information.

Source: Michael Succow Foundation

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