Special events: Joint sessions & workshops

Joint session “Finance options for livelihoods from wet peatlands”

Co-organised by the partners of the Greifswald Mire Centre, FAO, UNEP, IUCN and WWF

10.03.2021, 11.30 – 12.30, Stage A

Management of peatlands in wet state and the development of livelihoods in these landscapes present both a challenge and a great opportunity for local economies and for achieving national climate commitments. Improvements to peatland management and development of sustainable livelihoods are lacking financial instruments and incentives. Various stakeholders are searching for funding that could help communities to be more resilient and build back better in peatland landscapes. The session will focus on sharing examples of successful resource mobilization for developing sustainable livelihoods in wet peatland landscapes. The event lists and presents available options to close the financial gap for scaling-up sustainable peatland management.

Expert organizations will elaborate on the question: what are potential and existing finance frameworks and mechanisms available for wet livelihood development on peatland landscapes? The solutions will focus on i. donor schemes and fiscal incentives, ii. ecosystem services capitalization, and iii. private sector investment and business case development. In this joint event, FAO and partners will discuss opportunities to build the business case for restoration, paludiculture and other livelihood options in wet peatland landscapes. The results of this session aim at supporting various stakeholders with the will to develop wet livelihoods on peatland landscapes and lacking resources.


  • Results of the peatland management sessions, case and global consultations (Maria Nuutinen & Laura Villegas, FAO)
  • Sustainable Land Use Finance – inspiring investment in Peatlands (Diana Kopansky, UNEP)
  • Landscape finance: emerging models for financing peatland restoration at scale (Paul Chatterton, IUCN)
  • Investing in peatlands – from bankers to bogs (Clifton Bain, Emma Goodyer & Renée Kerkvliet Hermans, WWF)


Workshop: Global network for paludiculture – needs & options for exchange

10.03.2021, 16.30 – 18.00, Stage A

Sharing knowledge is important to advance good practices in paludiculture projects. In this session, we first want to collect the existing network options for paludicultures around the world (based on a first input by the organisers). In a second step, we invite a discussion around needs not yet met as well as opportunities to improve existing communication and learning possibilities about paludiculture. Thus, this session welcomes all interested in networking and sharing knowledge around practical paludiculture projects.

Organisation and Moderation: Susanne Abel (Greifswald Mire Centre) & Rafael Ziegler (HEC Montreal)

Photography Workshop: Gifts from Nature's Peatlands

10.03.2021, 16.30 – 18.00, Stage B

When we give back to Mother Nature, she surely rewards us.

The benefits of peatlands are not just environmentally positive for our fight against climate change, the benefits for our biodiversity are massive. Maintaining the water table level above, or close to, the soil surface promotes the development of unique flora and fauna, encouraging the replenishing of a diverse living carpet.

So many ancient marsh loving species are reawakened, replenished, and make themselves visible to us again. Sphagnum mosses propagate and radiate, spreading their feathery limbs, while Marsh Marigold raises its beautiful yellow bloom to the sky. Frogspawn glistens in the Spring sunshine as the frogs celebrate their watery world. Ancient orchids reveal their splendour, Bog Asphodels yellow anthers flutter in the breeze. Carnivorous plants entice with their sticky tentacles, as the insect world celebrates the abundance of nectar in these marshy wetlands. Each season brings with it a feast for the senses.

Join me on a visual journey through these marshy peatland wildernesses and celebrate the magical life within them.

For any photography enthusiasts, all images are taken handheld, with natural light, and all camera settings will be revealed for each image shown.

Organisation and Moderation: Tina Claffey


Pictures by T. Claffey